Friday, February 26, 2010

short hiatus

I haven't posted in awhile, because of my severe hate-on for iPhoto and Lightroom, which at this point are the only photo programs I have on my computer. Once I get a decent something or other going on in here I'll get caught up, though I have missed a few days with the excitement of all the hockey and other various sporting events and things happening.

Friday, February 19, 2010

18 February 10

sunrise after my last night shift
This was technically taken Friday morning at about 6:55, not Thursday, but since I hadn't been to bed yet and all the days are blending together on this shift I'm posting it. It has been kind of interesting to watch how the level of light when I get home has changed over these past two weeks.

17 February 10

awkward face
I walked up to Gilmore and actually had to take off my jacket because I was sweating. lolz global warming.

16 February 10

sunny days and olympic rings
This is our neighbour's house across the street. In the other window is a massive Canadian flag constructed out of similar christmas lights.

15 February 09

change is hard
I bought peanut butter that is not 1000% sugar and the boys are having trouble adjusting.

14 February 10

sad basil :(
The basil was looking super sad and we couldn't figure out why. It looks better now, I guess because it's been so sunny lately it needs water extra hard.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

13 February 10

My new friend :) Jeff found it on craigslist for $500.

12 February 10

fate wanted me to have these shoes
Forgot it was Day 1 of the Olympics and went downtown for my haircut appointment. Afterwards wandered around in the chaos, and stopped into H&M randomly. Fate apparently wanted me to have these shoes, because they were the last pair AND they were my size!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

11 February 10

why do I consistently appear to have a black eye?
At least being at home during the day I have lots of opportunity to get shit done.

10 February 10

f u graveyards
This shift has been making me crave terrible food, sometimes stopping at McDonald's or Tim Horton's before arriving home just after 7am. I can't wait to sleep in the night again like a real person.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

09 February 10

skull keychain
Skull keychains are appropriate for people who work at Hell.

08 February 09

deer in the headlights
He obviously loves when I candidly photograph him.

Monday, February 8, 2010

07 February 10

scariest valentine.
At Boston Pizza for Chris Dixon's 30th. This horrifying valentine was on the wall.

06 February 10

While walking home from a successful trip to the Salvation Army in Burnaby Heights.

05 February 10

dressing up for drinks
Jeff took me out for drinks (and marinated olives) at The Alibi Room in Gastown. I loved pretty much everything about it, except how my phone fell out of my coat pocket when I threw it down on the seat and did not realise until we got home.

04 February 10

tv love
In the morning before leaving for work the light coming through the window made me notice our tv badly needed dusting :/ After work I got to see the lovely MaryAnne for sushi, kisses, wanderings, and good conversation (as per usual).

03 February 10

labeling is important
I stayed home from work with a migraine. Later when I felt better Jeff and I had some cookies.

02 February 10

Hosted a clothes swap with Malloreigh, Amanda, and Laryssa. We drank beer, undressed in my living room, baked cookies, and talked about sexual dynamics.

01 February 10

crushing thyme
Jeff made red pepper and seafood bisque; here he is crushing up fresh thyme to put in it.