Friday, April 30, 2010

29 April 10

Tom Waits saved my life
One of my photos was featured in the New Faces of BC exhibit which opened last night at Centre A, and I took Jeff as my guest. We drank some free wine and ate free cheese, listened to some speeches, saw some art, and then decided we needed real food. We saw this while walking to the Alibi Room for dinner, and I almost died.

You can see a couple of photos (I didn't post too many because the exhibit is still showing until Thursday) from the exhibit on my flickr, as well as the original of the photo that was featured.

I may have just set a record for most links in a single post.

28 April 10

When I got home from work I found these on my desk with a note that said, "Make sure you let me try some ♥" They were from Schokolade Cafe on Hastings, and they were delicious (as you can see from the picture, I already ate some).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

27 April 10

drip drip drop little April showers
sun and rain together. It makes everything so bright and fresh.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

26 April 10

Let Love In
I'm not sure if I posted this before, but it is the Christmas gift Jeff and I got from Maddie. She based it on the album cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Let Love In and it is amazing.

25 April 10

new herbs
Jesse brought home some new herbs to replace the suicidal basil.

24 April 10

rainy days
Jeff took this, but I'm posting it because a) it is a billion times better than anything I took this day, and b) it is rare that I love a photo of myself this much.

Monday, April 26, 2010

23 April 10

Steph wears her Mexico souvenir:
This is what I brought Steph home from Mexico. Her reaction was instantaneous laughter, followed by putting the mask on, going, "Why is this a thing I don't understand!"

Anyone who would like to see more photos of my Mexico trip, click here.

22 April 10

industrial chandelier
Jeff and I went to Raw Canvas with Chris and Kristina. Didn't get a chance to paint, but we got to drink delicious wine and eat lots of meat and cheese. It was basically great. I also enjoyed these industrial-style chandeliers.

21 April 10

fiery tulips
These are growing in our back garden, amongst dandelions, sage, and poppies.

20 April 10

Thai postage
I got stuff on Etsy shipped to me from Thailand. I greatly enjoyed this elephant stamp.

19 April 10

leaves everywhere
I like when trees have leaves on parts that are not just the branches.

18 April 10

honey-sage marinated chicken
Jeff and Jesse created this honey-sage marinated chicken with vegetable basmati rice and chive blossom garnish. I was still too shaky to eat more than half of it, but I at least recognised how beautiful it looked.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

17 April 10

the beach at our hotel.
This is the beach at the hotel. I spent this day recovering from my horrific adventures in the bathroom the night before, and then we flew home in the late afternoon. I drank water and ginger ale on the plane, and at 11:30pm when we finally got back to Maple Ridge, I ate half a Subway sandwich. Around quarter to one Jeff picked me up from my parents' place, where I was passed out on the couch. My appetite didn't return completely until Monday, and all Sunday I felt terribly weak and exhausted. BE CAREFUL EATING SEAFOOD, YOU GUYS.

16 April 10

mango daiquiri
Nothing says tropical vacation like drinking fruity drinks poolside. Too bad I got food poisoning later this day.

15 April 10

oceanic sunset
For some reason, this photos gets the song "Tahitian Moon" stuck in my head.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

14 April 10

cultural universals
Nice to know that kids wanting to scare the shit out of birds is a cultural universal.

13 April 10

from the tapas restaurant
I'd like to think that days where I take several photos I like (so that choosing which to post is actually difficult) makes up for the days where I take no photos or only crap, but instead it just means I feel guilty about those days.

This is the view from an incredible tapas restaurant called Barcelona, where we got tipsy on sangria and watched the sunset after a day at the beach in Bucerias, where I stepped on a bee.

12 April 10

under my umbrella
Near the palado where we sat for most of the day, eating delicious things, drinking beer, reading books, and swimming in the delightfully warm ocean.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 April 10

along the Malecón
A beautiful and haunting statue along the Malecón (sort of a boardwalk/seawall kind of thing in downtown).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 April 10

the Rockies
Even though snow-topped mountains don't really fit with the rest of the Mexico photos, I'm posting this because, well, when's the next time I will see this?

08 April 10

Jeff, doing what Jeff does best. Well, one of the things anyway.

07 April 10

Okay, so I am basically the most behind ever. I have photos and will get them up soon.

Uh... this is my closet. Two people sharing a single-size closet is pretty much horrible. I have fantasies where I have a walk-in and Jeff keeps his things in another room.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

06 April 10

my to-do list.
my to-do list. Stuff doesn't seem to get crossed off as quickly as it gets added.

05 April 10

raspberry rosewater red velvet
Annnd here is a properly iced mini cupcake. The frosting is made with vegan cream cheese and rosewater, and it tastes absolutely amazing with the raspberry on top.
I'm not really sure why I took this photo with my iphone when I was clearly at home and could have used the camera. I apologise for the uninspired photos lately; I have been sick and just generally unmotivated. Plus the weather is crap so it's hard to get good lighting anywhere.

04 April 10

vegan red velvet mini cupcakes
These vegan red velvet cupcakes turned out amazing, though I kind of buggered up the frosting - we were low on icing sugar so I made the rest using raw sugar in the coffee grinder, which came out kinda gritty.

03 April 10

this is the title menu for our girls' night
Sleepover with Tams, Val, and Steph... Tamara made us watch Twilight, and Tremaine created this lovely title menu. I wish I could have video recorded it, because what you can't see in the photo is that Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is playing.

01 April 10

April Fool's?
My shirt came out of the dryer like this. Wtf, dryer. Or maybe it was the washer? I shouldn't point fingers.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

31 March 10

sick day
Stayed home sick from work with swollen tonsils and because I feel like a butt if I sit around in pjs all day, I compromised by wearing one of Jeff's giant 90s shirts.

30 March 10

scaffolds in the downtown eastside
crappy iphone photo while waiting for the bus after work.