Thursday, November 20, 2014

12x12: May

Jeff & Zeus CedarCreek
CedarCreek Winery. Visited quite a few new wineries this year; some excellent, some not very good.
never too old see saw
Chris & Jesse outside Summerhill. Who needs wine when you have kids' toys?
Summerhill pyramid
This is so west coast: their wine is organic, and aged in a pyramid because they believe the sacred geometry has an effect on it. Their wines WERE delicious, so who am I to say?
old as the trees
Tantalus Kristina
Tantalus Winery & Kristina.
end of the road
Went to two disappointing wineries in a row and debated skipping the last and just calling it a day, but luckily we persevered and it turned out to be one of the best.
driver, surprise me
jams & things
Bench Market in Penticton.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


road thirteen
Wine trip! The weather was lovely & so was the company. We went to a lot of new places, some not as good as expected, some incredible. Most of us bought just as much wine as last year, plus Jeff was the winner in a draw for a free case from the Okanagan Falls region, so we may have come home with four cases of wine.
You can view all the photos I took on this trip here.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


saving room
Bit of a copout I guess since it's only my hand, but it's the only shot I could find for that week. A page from my copy of Wreck This Journal, which I was really excited about for the first couple weeks but seem to have been ignoring lately...


early evening shadow

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


a rosé by any other name
Chris at the May cookoff (with Kristina in the background). I won, with a macadamia nut & cashew cream tiramisu. It was a lot of work but was totally worth it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

12x12: April

Ohhhh my god I am overwhelmingly behind on photos, it's a little anxiety-inducing. BUT here are my twelve shots from April. The colour ones are Kodak Portra & Fuji Instax; the black & white are Kodak TMax.

dinnertime mid-sentence
Jeff & Dad, when we had him and Sharon over for a dinner of risotto & halibut.
Madeleine at her window
I did a maternity shoot with Madeleine; who was about six months along at the time. She did not want me to share nudes on the internet, but we shot some film and a handful of digital exposures, some of which turned out quite nicely.
the view downtown
The view from Madeleine's apartment.
Bohemea Su in the sun
Bo & Su in the backyard, where we spent the afternoon eating snacks and drinking booze and then retiring inside to watch the Purple Wedding episode of Game of Thrones, where we cheered & clutched each other in horror & joy.
cool dad
Gregg looking like a cool dad.
a silhouette of a Su
post-punk Anne of Green Gables
Obviously I didn't actually take this photo of myself in my ridiculous gardening hat (Gregg did), but I like it too much not to share. family
Family dinner! I always forget how much I miss Riley until he's in town and we laugh so much.
still life

Monday, July 28, 2014


Jeff & Zeus

Jeff claims to hate the cats, but Zeus has developed some kind of bond with him regardless: when Jeff comes home, the cat flops down on the floor and waits for him to come pet him, or follows him around the house for at least ten minutes if he doesn't.

Liang's birthday was on May 5th; she picked me up and we drove out to Horseshoe Bay for dinner, and then went for a wander on a secret beach in Lions Bay, and had a lovely drive home at twilight.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Su at the library
Met up with Su for donuts & chats, a visit to the library, and so I could help her not be afraid to take photos with the Holga. The next day I met up with MaryAnne, whom I hadn't seen in many many moons. It was a lot like our adventures of old, though — cheap food & a drink followed by city wanderings, beach sunsets, and covert paper bag beer.


Dinner at my mom's with the family. Riley was in town from the Island, and it always takes him coming to visit to realise how much I miss him (we usually only see him 2-3 times a year). He and Jimm picked me up on the way back from the ferry in the afternoon, so we hung out for awhile just doing stuff around the house, which made me feel a little nostalgic for those after-school, before-dinner times when we were in high school.

Started reading the Lord of the Rings series for the first time since early high school; it was almost like reading them for the first time in that I'd forgotten the smaller details and wanted to do pretty much nothing except sit under the blanket with the book and some snacks.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Bo, Su, Gregg, & Anita came to hang out in the backyard and drink eat stuff with me! I did a little gardening but mostly we just ate hummus and drank scotch and beer until it was time to watch Game of Thrones (Purple Wedding episode! so satisfying).