Sunday, November 30, 2014

12x12: June

road thirteen
Untitled Wild Goose
Sarah at the lookout Orofino
Sarah // Orofino winery.
Forbidden Fruit
Chris outside Forbidden Fruit.
food cart
Liang & Sarah checking out the food cart outside Orofino.
Karly & others at our solstice barbecue at the end of the month.


the harbinger
Another sleeve session with Jude. It wasn't as bad as the previous two — maybe because of my cycle or maybe because the area was just easier... either way it was a funny comparison with me reading a graphic novel while she worked vs. the guy ahead of me wailing like a toddler. Still plenty of work to do, but at least now the tattoo looks a little more like one complete picture instead of two half-finished ones. Afterwards I was still feeling good so I met Jeff at the Wallflower for a beer & some food before going home to chill in front of the tv.


I went to visit Amanda on the Sunshine Coast for the weekend, since she would be moving out of her little cabin at the end of the month and wanted to have a small farewell party. Dan & Tim were there too, and kindly offered me a ride back (I had quite the adventure trying to take the bus from the ferry dock). We went to the Persephone brewery, cooked hot dogs on the campfire, made focaccia bread, and smoked weed under the stars. The next day Kaylie and her girlfriend stopped by, which was nice because I hadn't seen her in months (or more). We sat on the patio at the coffee shop eating pastries and doing the NYT crossword, and then waited a bajillion years to get on the ferry. At least it gave me time to get gelato...


face mask
Sometimes you need to face mask.


ladies being cute
Bo & Su being adorable at our barbecue. Jeff & I decided that with the free case of wine we won, we just had an outrageously large amount of wine, so we had some friends over to eat food and help us through some. Between 12 of us we managed to polish off 10 bottles! Not bad, friends, not bad.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

12x12: May

Jeff & Zeus CedarCreek
CedarCreek Winery. Visited quite a few new wineries this year; some excellent, some not very good.
never too old see saw
Chris & Jesse outside Summerhill. Who needs wine when you have kids' toys?
Summerhill pyramid
This is so west coast: their wine is organic, and aged in a pyramid because they believe the sacred geometry has an effect on it. Their wines WERE delicious, so who am I to say?
old as the trees
Tantalus Kristina
Tantalus Winery & Kristina.
end of the road
Went to two disappointing wineries in a row and debated skipping the last and just calling it a day, but luckily we persevered and it turned out to be one of the best.
driver, surprise me
jams & things
Bench Market in Penticton.