Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Ran into someone I'd met at the last cookoff at the pub, ended up staying for four hours talking with him and his friend over beers. Weeded the garden. Made cupcakes. Ate waffles and went to the movies with Jeff on a rare Sunday off together, then had beers at Portland Craft while talking about the movie (12 Years a Slave).

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sarah in the kitchen
A stray cat was coming around our yard for a few days; he was really skinny and sad looking so Tamara gave him some food. Before calling a shelter I decided to check craigslist for lost cats in the area and found one that fit the description. He was 17 years old and escaped from a house about a block away and had been gone for 12 days! His owner had pretty much lost home, so when she came to pick him up she was so happy she cried and hugged me. It felt amazing to be able to help someone get their lost pet back!

Other things: coconut cookoff, watching 90s movies, spring equinox, tattoo work, meeting new friends, hockey sadness/rage, culling and donating awful cookbooks in our collection.