Wednesday, March 26, 2014


winter wonder
I stayed home Thursday and Friday with a tiresome cold, and while it was shitty to lose out on two days' worth of dollars, I DID get the joy of watching the Canadian women's hockey team win a gold medal in epic fashion. We also, on Sunday, hosted a very early (4am!) viewing of the men's gold medal game, with lots of coffee and donuts. But after the intensity of the women's game, the men's seemed a bit underwhelming, even though Canada won. (maybe it's because trash-talking Sweden is not that fun?) Also, it snowed for three days! But the accumulation was only a couple of inches in my neighbourhood, and almost nothing in the rest of Vancouver.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


pet this tree!
Maddie at the cookoff, petting this tree after I told her to (because I knew she would like it). Amanda was in town for the cookoff, which was nice, and she won with a delicious earl grey oatmeal & poached pear with lavender and candied almonds.
The previous Friday was Valentine's day, which has never been a big deal for me or Jeff. After work I went to buy a couple of pairs of leggings (and ended up also buying a new sweater and a fancy top but whatever), and I stopped by Cartem's, figuring when I was done shopping I'd go to the Mill and bring a donut to Jeff at work. I gave it to him and he sheepishly presented a box of salted caramels he'd picked up before his shift. It's funny that we both decided to get the other something sweet when we've never done so in the past and definitely didn't discuss doing it this year.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


The end of my roll got exposed, but some were still salvageable. Maybe not this one, but as it's the only non-iphone portrait I took, I'm posting it anyway. This is Natalie at her baby shower. Tyrion is 8 months old (and wearing 18-month baby clothes), but since she was in Korea when she had him, and when they moved back things were hectic with their new house in Victoria, a shower never really happened in a timely fashion. I had a surprisingly good time despite it being just me, Nat, Yvonne, and a bunch of Yvonne's retired friends. After the shower I went over to Steph's to watch the game with a few people, and the Leafs won which I guess was a long time coming, but it was still lame.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

12x12: January

My aim is to shoot 24 film exposures per month, and share the best twelve of them. Here are January's, though they were all taken on the 31st, when I went to the Sunshine Coast to visit Amanda. Click on any of the photos to view larger.

sunshine coast
ferry window waiting to disembark
On the ferry.
Amanda in her mossy yard
rose hips
Amanda's yard in Roberts Creek.
I don't know if this is true for the other cabins on the property as well, but the tub & shower at Amanda's are outside. For most of the year, solar panels heat the water for the shower, but in the winter there's not enough energy so there is no hot water running out of the tap. She keeps a pot of water on top of the fire for washing dishes, and in the winter warms her bath using the fire pit below it (the tub is built into a slab of rock, and two large rocks can be moved to cover the opening to keep the heat of the fire in). We heated the bathtub while we cooked & ate dinner (using the fire to roast some vegetables wrapped in foil), and put our towels to warm on top of the stove. I also discovered I'm actually pretty good at chopping firewood! I admit I was apprehensive about the idea of having an outdoor bath in the winter, but sitting in the warm tub out under the stars with a cool glass of beer was actually fantastic.
fresh from the coast for lease
pottery display
Redecor watching the sunset
Various spots in Sechelt, where we went for groceries. The buses don't run very often, so while we waited I filled my coat pockets with nice rocks at the beach and we watched the sun set.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


fresh from the coast
I took the Friday off work and took the ferry over to the Sunshine Coast to visit Amanda. I stayed until Sunday; the weather was lovely and it was so nice to go somewhere quiet. I love the city but it's good to get away from the busyness of it all, and feel a bit closer to nature sometimes.
When I came home I went to my parents' for Jimm's birthday dinner, and Alice drove me home which was nice.
The Canucks lost some games. It was cold outside.


hockey skates
In which I rediscover my love of ice skating, and am still passably ok at it despite not having done it in about 7 years. When we got cold and our feet got sore Tamara, Val, Steph, Sarah & I went to La Casita for Mexican lunch, and then to Cartems for fancy donuts. This photo is not good but I was having a good week with various people and DineOut and whatnot and sort of forgot about pictures.