Sunday, August 31, 2014


saving room
Bit of a copout I guess since it's only my hand, but it's the only shot I could find for that week. A page from my copy of Wreck This Journal, which I was really excited about for the first couple weeks but seem to have been ignoring lately...


early evening shadow

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


a rosé by any other name
Chris at the May cookoff (with Kristina in the background). I won, with a macadamia nut & cashew cream tiramisu. It was a lot of work but was totally worth it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

12x12: April

Ohhhh my god I am overwhelmingly behind on photos, it's a little anxiety-inducing. BUT here are my twelve shots from April. The colour ones are Kodak Portra & Fuji Instax; the black & white are Kodak TMax.

dinnertime mid-sentence
Jeff & Dad, when we had him and Sharon over for a dinner of risotto & halibut.
Madeleine at her window
I did a maternity shoot with Madeleine; who was about six months along at the time. She did not want me to share nudes on the internet, but we shot some film and a handful of digital exposures, some of which turned out quite nicely.
the view downtown
The view from Madeleine's apartment.
Bohemea Su in the sun
Bo & Su in the backyard, where we spent the afternoon eating snacks and drinking booze and then retiring inside to watch the Purple Wedding episode of Game of Thrones, where we cheered & clutched each other in horror & joy.
cool dad
Gregg looking like a cool dad.
a silhouette of a Su
post-punk Anne of Green Gables
Obviously I didn't actually take this photo of myself in my ridiculous gardening hat (Gregg did), but I like it too much not to share. family
Family dinner! I always forget how much I miss Riley until he's in town and we laugh so much.
still life