Tuesday, March 18, 2014


pet this tree!
Maddie at the cookoff, petting this tree after I told her to (because I knew she would like it). Amanda was in town for the cookoff, which was nice, and she won with a delicious earl grey oatmeal & poached pear with lavender and candied almonds.
The previous Friday was Valentine's day, which has never been a big deal for me or Jeff. After work I went to buy a couple of pairs of leggings (and ended up also buying a new sweater and a fancy top but whatever), and I stopped by Cartem's, figuring when I was done shopping I'd go to the Mill and bring a donut to Jeff at work. I gave it to him and he sheepishly presented a box of salted caramels he'd picked up before his shift. It's funny that we both decided to get the other something sweet when we've never done so in the past and definitely didn't discuss doing it this year.

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