Friday, September 18, 2009


It appears the problem with our Nikon is a defect, and they put out an advisory for it. The good news is that we can ship it to them, free of charge, and they will fix it and send it back. The bad news is that now it will be weeks before we can use it, and since my camera is shot and Jeff's Olympus has no memory card, I can't really take any photos in the meantime. And I can't even get the photos off the Nikon's memory card, since we don't have a slot for it in any of the computers and my camera won't read it.

I'll see you all in a few weeks.


  1. card readers are like thirty bucks at ld or fs. :\

  2. yeah but why would I shell out that much for something I'm only going to use once? I mean, theoretically after the camera comes back it'll be in full working order.

  3. I loved A Goofy Movie when I was little! my whole family did actually haha it was just on Disney Channel the other night and I had to watch it

  4. They should just make a memory card that works in any camera! :)