Monday, November 2, 2009

30 October 09

bra shopping sucks
After work on Friday I decided to get a new bra. When I asked the lady her opinion on one, she told me it was too small and then brought me a 32D :( I don't know how this happened! At least I got two for $35. Unfortunately they are not colours I really wanted.
Oh ps that green glow near my head is not a ghost, it is just lens flare.


  1. your boobs look bigger... haha maybe because now you're wearing the right size?
    I took one of my friends bra shopping and it turns out all of us were wearing the wrong size!
    also I think 32D is a bit rare... stock up!

  2. yeah, apparently 32 in general is a hard size to find above a B... selection was crappy enough when I was buying Cs :( maybe I better go back to La Senza for another couple.