Tuesday, July 6, 2010

01 July 10

Canada Day. The weather was shitty and Jeff was at work, so to not fully waste my day I cleaned and did some rearranging of things. Jesse gave me this bookshelf he didn't want, so I set it up by the door with a bunch of stuff on top so that no one would start using it as a dumping ground for mail and things. I guess it does kind of look like a shrine.


  1. So Jen, I have spent a good amount of time this morning looking at all your photos and feeling generally creepy and stalkerish :) Anyways, I just wanted to say that I think the owl looks like he's really pleased with all his rocks, and is going to make sure that nobody takes them, because he's feeling smug that his rocks are better than everyone else's rocks.
    -Rachel C

  2. psh, they're public photos; it's not creepy!
    and you are totally right about the owl. It is actually a toothbrush holder but since I got it at the Salvation Army it is pretty gross inside so I didn't really feel safe putting my toothbrush in there.