Tuesday, August 3, 2010

31 July 10

I was really overwhelmed on Saturday when I went to what I thought was a bbq at Britt's... and it was, but instead of the 10-20 people I was expecting, it was a fundraiser which had in attendance basically every lesbian in East Van. There were at least a hundred people, and there I am like an idiot with my homemade bean salad, frantically looking around for someone I know. I found Kaylie, thank fuck, and Malloreigh arrived not long afterwards. Apparently they weren't expecting it to be like that, either.

There were a few other people I knew, and I met some all right new people, but mostly I felt kind reclusive, and the mushrooms Britt gave us didn't help (though they did make me care less about how I looked lying on the front lawn staring at a tree). I suppose I'm not cut out for a full weekend of partying the way I was a few years ago.

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