Thursday, October 7, 2010

03 October 10

smoking on the balcony
I got up early and went to yoga, and then to brunch at Amanda's. Laryssa and Dan and Jeff D and a couple other people were there also. Brunch was mimosas, hash browns, and crepes filled with tempeh, spinach, fried mushrooms and onions, and fresh tomato. Afterwards I went downtown and bought ONLY the precise things I intended to buy - possibly a first for me. I met up with Jeff after his shift ended and we came home together to make dinner and watch Mad Men.

I am really making an effort to stay more up-to-date with this blog... not only does not posting make me unmotivated to take more photos because of all the catching up I have to do, but I sometimes find it difficult to recall what went on I take a photo and when I post it, and part of the point of this was to keep a better record of my day-to-day life.

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