Saturday, July 9, 2011

02 July 11

L & A at Third Beach
In the afternoon Jeff and I went to Third Beach for Angelique & Ben's going-away party. It was a lovely day... up until we arrived at the beach and it began to cloud over. We stayed talking and eating freshly-picked salmonberries for an hour or two, and then I went to Maple Ridge for Alice's birthday party. It was a kegger and although I didn't intend to, I got pretty drunk. My camera got passed around a lot, so of the photos that are actually interesting and/or in focus, I'm really not sure who took them. Alice did four kegstands because she's amazing. Covered in mosquito bites, I took a taxi back to my parents' place around 2am and passed out in Alice's bed, as she had already called it a night on a futon at the party. She showed up around 1:30 the following afternoon with a Big Mac meal and said she felt fine. What a champ.

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