Tuesday, June 26, 2012

02 June 12

dancing in the rain
Day two of the wine tour: Oliver/Osoyoos. We began our day at Nk'Mip, followed by Moon Curser and Young & Wyse. Then we headed out of Osoyoos and into Oliver to visit a bunch of old favourites and a couple of new places. While we were at Church & State, there was a short but powerful rainstorm... Sarah and Steph both went out in it. The rest of us were happy to sit inside with our wine.
We ended up getting back kind of late after going for ice cream in Okanagan Falls and hanging out in the hot tub, so we were hard pressed to find a place to eat that was open. We managed to get into the restaurant at the hotel down on the lake, though, just before their kitchen closed. We sat inside, but the patio doors were still open so we enjoyed the fresh night air while eating mushroom paté and cornish game hen.
There are a few more photos from this day here.

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