Wednesday, August 22, 2012

28 July 12

dock diving
Jeff and I drove out to White Rock for the afternoon. Stopped into a thrift store where I found some sweet shades ($0.99) and a giant sunhat ($2.99), and Jeff got a button-down and a wide-angle lens modifier that attaches to our 18-55. We headed down to the pier and saw some dudes jumping off (above) into the water. Also there was a dude paddleboarding with his dog. There were lots of classic cars driving around, and some people were having their wedding photos done. When we got tired of the heat and loud children and taking photos, we stopped into a pub for a beer and some food before heading home.

That evening was the pantsless party, which was again, sparsely attended. But we had a good time wearing fun undies and eating chips and doing jello shots and playing Cards Against Humanity regardless.

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