Thursday, September 13, 2012

12 August 12

We drove home on Sunday with a trunk full of rum given to us by Tony. Made our usual stop at Lac La Hache (because it's so beautiful, and also because by then my coffee has worked its way through my system) and had lunch in 100 Mile House at a surprisingly decent joint called the Firehall Diner.
We took Highway 99 from Cache Creek, and visited the little winery in Lillooet, and afterwards stopped at Seton Lake (seen above). It was much busier than the last time we stopped there, loads of people were swimming and there were people taking photos up at the viewpoint. We went down to put our feet in the water (it was balls hot out) before getting back on the road.
The drive was nice, except for when we got stuck behind an old camper coming down the mountain into Pemberton — it took literally twice as long and the guy's brakes were making this awful stench the whole time. He could have stopped at any number of pullouts to let us pass but nope. By the time we finally got to Whistler for dinner we were starving, but the service at the pub was not that good and our food took over an hour. Jeff complained to the manager though so he explained the problems they were having with the kitchen and then comped our meal, which was nice, although I would rather have just paid if it meant I could have eaten 45 minutes earlier.

Some more photos from this day can be viewed here.

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