Tuesday, November 27, 2012

27 October 12

mountain fog
Jeff and I drove the foggy mountain highway up to Squamish for Chris & Wendy's wedding at the Howe Sound Inn. The wedding was brief and followed by delicious cake, and then relaxing at the pub for a bit before the reception down at the campsite. I was apprehensive about an outdoor wedding in late October, but Chris is an experienced outdoorsman and had a pretty swank setup going on with a fire and whatnot, so although it was pouring rain and bitterly cold, everyone was warm, happy, & dry under the giant tarps. There was loads of food too, and Jeff and I shared a flask of scotch. Later in the evening, once I started to regret too much my choice of wearing only one pair of socks, we headed back to the hotel. Decided to ignore the Halloween party at the pub in favour of drinking beer in a conference room and playing Scrabble with some of the others who opted to stay at the inn instead of camping. A few more photos from this day are here; sadly my photos of the wedding ceremony are pretty much unusable due to terrible lighting and blurriness.

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