Thursday, February 7, 2013

07 January 13

I went to bed early, feeling sick to my stomach. Woke up around midnight or so and, realising I had only seconds before vomiting, I got up and someone was in the bathroom so I had to barf in the sink. :( I settled myself in for a long night of what I first thought was food poisoning, but after reading facebook at 3am and discovering that Iain and Steph were sick as well, was revealed to be the norovirus that had been going around. We figured someone working at the Warehouse on Saturday night must have been contagious, because no one else we were with that night or weekend got sick.

I slept very little; some on the bathroom floor, some in the armchair in my computer room next to the bathroom, and sometime around 8am my body hurt so much that I had to go to bed (after calling in to work). I was dying of thirst but too afraid to drink. Thankfully the worst seemed to be over by noon, but I didn't feel well enough or hungry enough to eat anything until around 9pm when I had a cup of black tea and a little chunk of French bread. I spent most of the day sleeping, reading, and watching Road to Perdition, a movie I adore and always seem to watch when I'm home sick.

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