Wednesday, June 12, 2013

04 May 13

ain't nothin' sweeter than ridin' the rails
Went to Maple Ridge to have dinner with Alice & my parents. We went to the Billy Miner, a pub down by the wharf & railway which was built around 1910, but as long as I could remember it was a seedy dive frequented by sad old men and train commuters.
In the past couple years, though, they've revamped their menu while keeping the old-town ambience about the place and now have a focus on gourmet burgers & craft beer. The food is so great that everyone puts up with the crummy service — our waitress, for instance, while sweet, took three tries to open a bottle of wine because she wasn't putting the corkscrew in all the way, brought two of us the wrong side dish, and forgot to bring us our leftovers.

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