Wednesday, November 6, 2013

22 September 13

The National & Frightened Rabbit show at the PNE Amphitheatre happened, and all day it was raining so much and I had anxiety about going to this outdoor concert. (seriously, who schedules this shit for late September?) But it only rained for about half an hour in the middle of the show, and I had a rain poncho on so it was ok, just cold. The show was amazing — both bands were. It was actually lovely the way the sound carries there, so I can see why they chose it over, say, the PNE Forum. I can't decide whether the most amazing part (that wasn't music) was when Matt crowdsurfed and then said he is always reluctant to do it because of how ticklish he is, or when he took the microphone with him mid-song to go over to the beer stand and pour himself a beer.

I went with Jeff and Val and Tamara, and Tams brought us all a piece of cake because she's the best. Also it was super cool to be able to walk home from a show for once. It only took like 10 minutes!

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