Friday, June 6, 2014

12x12: March


beer booklet
Jeff & I went to the 500th beer list party at the Alibi Room. We went on the second day so a lot of the special casks and taps they'd opened on the previous night had already sold out, but there was still a veritable book of beers to choose from.
Jeff at the Alibi Room

front window
Someone brought a piñata...
One must presume this error is on purpose.
Alibi Room

bar windows
First time I noticed the creepy stuffed owl thing behind the bar.
beer blur
Someone brushed past me as I was taking this, and in the low light, it was enough to make it turn out like this, apparently.
roses and daisies
COOL STORY TIME: A grey cat kept coming around our yard for a few days looking skinny and sad and wanting to come inside, so we fed him and Tamara set up a box so he would have someplace to sleep. I figured before calling a shelter I'd look on craigslist for lost pets, and found one that fit the description in our neighbourhood. He was an indoor cat who'd escaped almost two weeks before — no wonder he was so skinny! I emailed her and she came over right away to pick him up. She cried with happiness and asked if she could give me a hug. A few days later I found this pot of yellow roses on the front stoop from her. Such a sweet gesture; I was just happy to help someone get their lost pet home. I've since planted them in the front yard, hoping they get some roots and turn into a bush. (The pink daisies are from a wedding Sarah went to.)
chocolate stout cupcakes
A neat thing about making stout cake is you get to drink the leftover stout.
I trimmed this and did some weeding; it's out of control again now though.

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