Monday, December 1, 2014


the wolf and hound
Jeff and I went to the live Night Vale show at the Chan Centre. We had a moderate freakout because ticketmaster was supposed to mail our tickets and we never received them, and Jeff didn't realize they were supposed to be mailed until the day of. After 20 minutes on hold with the ticketmaster we gave up and just drove to UBC anyway, with our printout confirmation, hoping they'd understand at the door. But we lucked out and the tickets were waiting for us at will call the whole time! It would have been nice of ticketmaster to let us know that, but of course why would those outlandish service charges fund actual customer services?

At any rate, the show was spectacular, and Jeff & I finished off the night with a beer and a burger at The Wolf & Hound, since it's a nice pub and we are almost never out in Point Grey.

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