Thursday, June 23, 2011

15 June 11

Round 4, game 7. The Canucks lost, like they tend to do. And appropriately, during the game, Steph's bathroom was exploding with the sink and bathtub drain contents of every other bathroom in her building. The roto-rooter guy was there for like three hours trying to get the black sludge out of the tub and toilet. Steph used every towel in the house on the sopping wet floor, and then decided it was better just to buy new towels than to try and wash them.

After we got tired of watching the Bruins kissing the Stanley Cup and giving interviews, we drowned our sorrows in ice cream and more beer and started watching So You Think You Can Dance, and all of a sudden it was interrupted with breaking news about the riots. It makes me so upset that a bunch of losers who just wanted to burn shit and bust windows are making a bad name for hockey fans and Vancouverites alike.

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