Saturday, November 19, 2011

12 November 11

rum tasting party
Jeff and I went to Kerrisdale Cameras and got a new lens. Not the exact same, because after reading a bunch of reviews, it turns out our 18-105 lens is not really worth as much as it costs and has a couple of problems that I noticed, but Jeff thought I was crazy when I brought them up. Anyway, we ended up getting the significantly less expensive 18-55 and are intending to get a nice 50mm prime in the near future. I do miss the zoom of the old lens, but it's worth it for the crispness I'm getting at close distances with this new one.
In the evening Jesse hosted a rum tasting party, and unlike the vodka tasting party, all the rums were DRASTICALLY different, and with the exception of the Newfoundland Screech, all were delicious.

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