Wednesday, March 14, 2012

26 February 12

lemon-chamomile sorbet
We spent the morning at the beach, and in the afternoon went back to the sports bar to see if they could get the Canucks game (alas, it was not meant to be... though there was plenty of basketball). In the early part of the evening we happened upon a salon offering pedicures for $25 plus a free drink, which we obviously indulged in. Walked around for a bit, got caught in a torrential rainstorm, and then went to Marmalade for our dinner reservation.

I have to say it was one of the most beautiful restaurant experiences I have ever had. I noticed they had a lot of items on their vegetarian menu that were either vegan or could easily be made so, and I asked Malloreigh about reviewing it for Vegan Mischief. Our waiter was very accommodating and receptive when I mentioned this, telling me that most of the dishes and even got the chef to give me a full copy of the menu. The chef himself, Peter Schintler, had studied under Gordon Ramsay and he came over to talk to us about the food and my review. Apparently his wife is vegetarian so he doesn't find it at all difficult to cook without meat or dairy, and often does at home. He also has no problem adjusting his menu items to fit dietary restrictions or allergies, which many chefs seem to think is akin to ruining the dish. We left extremely full and moderately tipsy, and thankfully happened upon a cab within moments of stepping out the door.

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