Saturday, March 24, 2012

28 February 12

I promise, I will get caught up.

We went on a rainforest hike in El Yunque National Park; it was beautiful and amazing. Certainly like nothing I'd ever seen before. At the end of the trail was this waterfall, La Mina Falls. Lots of people were swimming out of the sheer novelty, but I mean, I grew up swimming in rivers and waterfalls so I wasn't about to put my body in that cold water and then hike back in a wet bathing suit.
After the hike we drove (we were with a tour) down to Fajardo and had some traditional Puerto Rican food and a beer on a beachfront patio before our bioluminescence kayaking tour, which was one of the most magical, awe-inspiring experiences I've ever had. Unfortunately I couldn't bring my camera because a) if the boat overturned then it could be ruined, and b) it was really too dark to take photos.

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