Sunday, July 29, 2012

07 July 12

Deep Cove
Jeff and I went hiking in the afternoon, in Deep Cove on the Baden Powell trail. It wasn't too tough but it was pretty hot out, and there were definitely a lot of steep parts and stairs. However, we were rewarded with this great lookout over the Cove and Indian Arm. After we got back to the road, we treated ourself to some pizza before heading home to shower and change for the gallery opening/book release for This Is East Van.

Dad & Sharon picked us up and there were quite a few people already at Interurban, but it was PACKED after about half an hour! I got two free drink tickets, and Tesney gave hers to me and Jeff since as a pregnant woman, she can't drink beer. Ran into a few friends and met some more of the other photographers, and one of the volunteers asked me to autograph under my photo in his copy of the book (I assume he was asking everyone, but it was still flattering). Later in the night, I walked past my print and saw the little blue sticker that means 'SOLD'! I was in such disbelief I made Jeff go over and check to make sure I wasn't drunk and imagining things.

When we got tired of the warmth and the crowd, we went over to Terra Cotta to meet Dad & Sharon for some food and wine. Considered going to the afterparty, but I mostly just wanted to go home and take off my shoes.

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