Wednesday, July 18, 2012

24 June 12

roasted tomato polenta benny
I won the brunch cookoff with my mushroom-herb polenta & fried tofu benny with coconut milk garlic sauce and roasted heirloom tomato. As usual, check out the blog for all the entries and other category winners!

After the cookoff I met Jeff at work where he was going to take me to dinner, but lucky I brought a book because I ended up waiting almost an hour and a half while he and his boss had a meeting. (He's also lucky I wasn't starving, or else I would have been way more cranky.) But regardless we went to Twisted Fork and had ourselves a delicious meal and a nice time. Jeff tried the Soaring Eagle wine they had available, which was a winery I pointed out on our trip because it made me think of Alex. I probably made the waitress feel awkward by bringing it up, but oh well.

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