Sunday, August 25, 2013

14 July 13

Mal hosted a clothes swap, though the only people who showed were ourselves, Ash, and Allie, so it was mostly just the two of us trading femme clothes and the two of them trading butch clothes. Afterwards we sat out in the yard for a bit, having nachos & beer and talking. Ash works as a landscaper, and in the photo above she is collecting lavender flowers off some excess plants she trimmed in someone's yard.

On the way home I was near Tamara's apartment, so I decided to see if she wanted to hang out. We sat in the park with her dog for a bit until some creepy dude decided to come sit down with us and then we went inside to escape. Later she walked with me down to Hastings to catch the bus and on the way I got delicious samosas & pakora from Deserts to eat for dinner while I watched Silver Linings Playbook, which was surprisingly impressive.

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