Thursday, May 2, 2013

27 March 13

I miss Linden
Steph took me, Tamara, and Valerie to see Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band because she rules, so beforehand we had dinner at Calabash and drinks at Bitter. At the arena it was mostly people my parents' age and someone actually thought we were 17. Still, it was a pretty great show. He played all the songs I wanted to hear most and a few I'd forgotten about. Joe Walsh opened and although his guitar work was still incredible, when he talked he sounded like he'd had a stroke or something... And I have to admit, although I knew Bob was a fairly old man I guess I hadn't seen any current photos of him, so I was picturing him with his long flowing brown mane of hair and big biker moustache — but he actually looked more like a thin George Lucas.
Going to Rogers Arena made me kind of sad that I was not there to watch hockey. We admired the shrine to the players whose jerseys have been retired, and particularly enjoyed this magazine cover featuring a very gay image of a young Trevor Linden with Dave Babych.

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