Wednesday, September 8, 2010

04 September 10

zucchini blossoms
I got some errands done in the afternoon, which, combined with my bills, used up almost my entire paycheque. In the evening after Jeff got home from his last day of work at Hell, we went for beer and food at the Alibi Room and then dessert at the Revel Room. It was lovely, and I greatly enjoy that we still go on dates.


  1. funny, i was just thinking about Jeff today and Hell in the shower. Did he get work somewhere else?

    supercute hair btw :)

  2. Adam: basically, they weren't turning enough profit for the owner to afford to keep paying him and still be able to support his family. He works as a prep cook at Bin 941 now.

    M: Jeff said he saw you on the bus today as he was coming home :)