Friday, September 17, 2010

11 September 10

flasks in the windowbox
We drove to Vernon for the wedding of a high school friend of Jeff's. It was a lovely time and I enjoyed how things were slightly out of the ordinary - for instance, the best man was the groom's sister, these flasks were in the flowerbox during the ceremony, we were instructed to wave our napkins as you would towels at a Canucks game when the wedding party arrived at the reception, etc. The ranch where the ceremony was held was quite interesting, also, and we spent some time exploring there before heading back to the hotel for the reception.
booze brothers
Jeff and Chris at the reception, enjoying some $2 booze (not as cheap as free, but still, cheaper than a bar). I'm posting two from today because I took lots and I missed Friday.
A few more Okanagan photos here.

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