Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 February 13

Jeff and I went to Pacific Rim National Park and hiked around a bunch of different places — Shorepine Bog, Florencia Bay, Schooner Cove, and Long Beach. Each was beautiful in a different way, and although I'd been to some of the places on a school trip in 2000, it was interesting to see them again through my adult eyes. The photo above was taken on Long Beach at sunset; the tide was low and there were plenty of surfers around.

Later on we tried and failed miserably to have dinner in Tofino; with the long weekend everything decent we stopped at was fully booked, way too expensive, or had over an hour wait. Eventually we went to the Black Rock pub which was in a nice resort hidden away in Ucluelet, and although the food was really good and I liked the lounge, our server apparently hated us because the service was terrible. And it was just us, too — she was super attentive to everyone else. Oh well.
You can view a bunch more photos from this day here.

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