Saturday, March 23, 2013

15 February 13

floral sheets
I didn't take any other photos this day because I was way too busy having the best time. We checked out of the hotel and headed to Blue Fox Cafe for breakfast and it was AMAZING. Apparently we got there at exactly the right time, because we waited just a couple minutes while they cleared a table, and by the time we left there were ~15 people in line outside, waiting to get in. After that we headed to Riley and Christa's over by the university.

Once Riley had dropped Christa off at work, we made a quick lunch while we chatted and then went to the liquor store and grocery to pick up supplies for an evening of movies and games with friends. We made guacamole, salad, and fancy mac & cheese, watched Megamind, and played a pretty fantastic game called Last Night on Earth — sort of a zombie strategy game. I rolled my eyes a bit when they said 'zombie board game' but it was actually incredibly fun, so fun that we stayed up until almost 3am playing it! Then Jeff and I went to bed on this moderately uncomfortable hide-a-bed and I woke up to find the cat drinking out of my water glass.

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