Thursday, March 21, 2013

14 February 13

Australian stick insect
After the previous day's disappointing continental breakfast, we went to Lady Marmalade instead (great food, lousy coffee). Afterwards we shopped around a little and then went to the bug zoo. It was super interesting and there's a guide who tells you about the insects and you can even hold most of them! Then we got soup and wandered around in Beacon Hill Park. Saw some peacocks and ducks and a bunch of dogs. Went down to the beach and the trail was really muddy but I found a lot of good rocks and we saw some sea anemones so that was ok. It started to rain so we left the park and went into the taphouse downstairs from our hotel to kill time before seeing The Hobbit. After the movie we had a late but lovely dinner at Veneto.
There are a couple more photos from this day here.

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