Wednesday, March 20, 2013

13 February 13

Sea Cider
We got up early so we could get some free breakfast at the hotel before they shut it down, and then we headed out to Saanichton to go to Sea Cider. We paid $16 to share a full tasting of nine different ciders, and it was well worth it. The tasting room itself was lovely to sit in on a sunny morning, as well.
Afterwards we went to Butchart Gardens. It was quite beautiful but I thought the admission price was too steep (maybe it's more worth it in the summer). When we finished walking around there we were dying for lunch so we went to a burrito place near our hotel. It was super delicious but I don't think I should have eaten the entire thing because I started to feel ill with indigestion when we were wandering around afterwards. I got a ginger ale and went back to the hotel for a nap. Jeff went walking around by himself, and brought me back a Stones record! I was feeling better in the evening so we went over to a wine & tapas bar in Oak Bay called Vis à Vis.
There are a few more photos from this day here.

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